Finding A Small Business Lawyer: A Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for a lawyer to represent your start-up, this new article (on Harvard Law School’s blog) offers excellent advice… and proposes standards that we at Meyer Business Law pledge to meet. I can be succinct about this: I started this law firm precisely to offer entrepreneurs the kind of representation and assistance … Read more

Ethics Madness II

Over on our sister site,, I’m leading a live blog this afternoon looking at current issues in compliance and ethics, including compliance in sports and education, and sports as a metaphor and lesson for corporate ethics efforts, as well as the cultural messages about ethics and compliance that a typical NCAA viewer is receiving … Read more

A New Year’s Resolution: Improve Your Contracts

When the ball drops, improve your business contracts.

With the New Year, many of us resolve to be better organized – and leaders of growing businesses are no exception. As they plan for the year ahead, clients often tell me they would like to get more organized about how they handle their contracts with clients, vendors and subcontractors. It’s a great idea. For at least … Read more