Powering the Pandemic Pivot, Episode 1: Coronavirus Response Programs and the Entrepreneur-Operated Business

Here is the first installment in our summer webinar series, “Powering the Pandemic Pivot,” webinar series, featuring Jason Meyer and the Entrepreneur’s Advisory Team. Keep checking our blog to see every new episode and register for upcoming webinars here.

The re-opening process is fraught with risk and reward for small businesses, and it takes a deep understanding of the legal, financial, and scientific factors to pull it off effectively. It’s tempting to want to return to normalcy as soon as possible, but, while the coronavirus still ravages so much of our country, that won’t be in the best interest for your small business. 

That’s where the Entrepreneur’s Advisory Team comes in. Throughout the spring and summer, Ayesha Hamilton, Alissa McCabe, and our own Jason Meyer have been holding webinars to guide you and your business through the reopening process. In our Powering the Pandemic Pivot series, we discuss everything from PPP loans to health policy, giving you advice to not just survive, but thrive through the global pandemic.

This webinar, originally run yesterday on April 9, 2020, was designed for small businesses – businesses run by entrepreneurs who are eager to grow and innovate – about the wide array of new laws and relief programs from the state and federal government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic You can find the recordings of every installment on our blog feed. 

We hope you can join us for future webinars, as well. Next week, we will meet at 12 PM on Wednesday to discuss growth, and how to seize the opportunity of COVID summer. Register for the webinar here.

Together, Ayesha, Alissa, and Jason constitute a comprehensive wealth of small business expertise:

Meyer Business Law is dedicated to the legal needs of entrepreneurs and the businesses they run. Jason Meyer focuses on what new grant and loan programs are available for entrepreneurial small and medium businesses (including solos and consultancies), and also addresses other legal implications of the pandemic, including structuring your business and contracts for disasters and interruptions.

Ayesha Hamilton focuses her practice, Hamilton Law Firm, P.C, on employment law. Ayesha talks about all the new laws and regulations affecting employers and employees (sick leave, payroll relief, etc.), and how they specifically affect small businesses, independent contractors, consultancies and owner-operators.

Alisa McCabe’s company, First Step Financial, provides virtual bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses. Alisa adds thoughts from her perspective and experience and moderates the discussion.

This is a time in which making the right decisions as a small business can protect those around you, support the national and local economies, and lead your enterprise to success. Let the Entrepreneur’s Advisory Team give you the advice and expertise you need to make the right decisions. 

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