Powering the Pandemic Pivot, Episode 2: Responding and Growing

Here is the second installment in our summer webinar series, “Powering the Pandemic Pivot,” webinar series, featuring Jason Meyer and the Entrepreneur’s Advisory Team. Keep checking our blog to see every new episode and register for upcoming webinars here.

The pandemic has hit, and with it a slew of challenges and policies that can directly help or harm your small business. The economic, legal, and scientific landscape is constantly changing, so staying informed and having access to the best expertise can be decisive in guaranteeing your business’ survival and success.

Recorded yesterday on April 22, 2020, the second installment of our Powering the Pandemic Pivot webinar series discusses “Responding and Growing” in the Summer of COVID. Here, Jason Meyer joins the rest of the Entrepreneur’s Advisory Team to update you on government programs and laws regarding entrepreneurship and the coronavirus pandemic, providing advice on how to leverage the moment for entrepreneurial growth. The team also details PPP, EIDL, State Programs, Tax Credits and Unemployment Options, and answer key questions, such as:  

  • Which government program should you use? Which should you prepare for?
  • What strategies are working? Which approaches are mutually-exclusive?
  • What can you do now to be ready to hire, close new sales, and grow?

Watch the full webinar here:

The Entrepreneur’s Advisory Team includes some of Central New Jersey’s foremost voices on small and medium business administration: Our own Jason Meyer provides key legal expertise, Hamilton Law’s Ayesha Hamilton covers employment law, and First Steps Financial’s Alissa McCabe discusses fiscal management. 

We will continue to post all episodes of this webinar here on our site. And be sure to register for upcoming PPP webinars here.

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