“Powering the Pandemic Pivot” Webinar Series Returns

With all the talk about the “PPP,” I think the most powerful relief program for the entrepreneur-operated business is the action you take to seize the moment.

So I am excited that our “Powering the Pandemic Pivot” Webinar series for entrepreneurs and small businesses will resume Wednesday, July 1, at Noon.

To offer more of “the news you can use,” we’re moving to a slightly new format. Each Webinar will focus on a different theme. To start each session, we’ll quickly review the week’s most critical new developments for entrepreneurial businesses. Then we’ll have an in-depth round-table discussion about the week’s topic, and take your questions. And we’ll be done by 1:00 PM, promise!

As always, our aim is to share counsel that can empower your success in this time of challenges and opportunities.

Our theme for July 1 is “Reopening For Real” — with most businesses now back from hiatus, we’ll consider the reality of returning: what’s working well, what remains a risk, and what path to chart from here. 

To register, please click: https://tinyurl.com/PPPentrepreneurs

And stay posted for our upcoming sessions: On July 15, we will discuss Cash Flow: how to manage cash, how to cut expenses, and, most importantly, how to increase revenue in this environment. On July 29, we will address Innovating and how you can seize the summer of COVID as a time for change and expansion. For businesses concerned that they might not survive, we’ll talk about Winding Down on August 12. On August 26,  we will have No Session, so we can all enjoy a little vacation. Finally, on September 9, we will celebrate the Happy New (Business) Year, and look forward, as entrepreneurs do!

I hope you’ll join Ayesha Hamilton, Alisa McCabe of First Steps Financial and me, and that we can help you power your own pivot.

Looking forward,


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