Employee and Contractor Relationships

Hiring and firing New hire letters Employment agreements Bonuses and incentive agreements / plans Non-competes Employee vs. contractor issues Employment policies Employee training (Anti-harassment, anti-retaliation, etc.) Leadership training Termination agreements Employer-Employee settlements

Business Contracts: Clients and Vendors

A New Years’ Resolution: Improve Your Contracts Client/customer agreements Vendor agreements Independent Contractor agreements Subcontractor arrangements Streamlined contracting processes and metrics Automated contracting processes Quality agreements Service level agreements Statements of work and change orders Resolving customer/vendor disputes Payment disputes

Deals and Transactions

Strategic alliances Joint ventures Buy / Sell agreements Private placements Loans and notes Letters of intent and memoranda of understanding Preparing for due diligence Conducting due diligence

Business Formation and Governance

Corporate structures Creating corporations, LLCs and other entities By-laws and articles Founders’ agreements Shareholder agreements Operating agreements Board and Shareholder meetings Corporate succession

General Counsel and Advice

Business and legal strategy Litigation management Oversight of litigation counsel Evaluating and improving deals Negotiations Facilitation of strategic meetings Legal strategies for growth

DOJ to Execs: You Have Been Warned

In September, Assistant Attorney General Sally Yates released what has come to be known as the “Yates Memo” — a declaration that the Justice Department was redoubling its efforts to prosecute individuals within companies for their organization’s wrongdoing. On October 29th, the other shoe dropped. As Mike Volkov so well summarizes, the top enforcer found a case … Read more

When Contracts and Compliance Collide!

As important as it may sometimes be that the “Legal” department be independent from “Compliance,” there are realms in which it’s best when those two functions are full collaborative partners. One of those is the realm of contracts with third parties. That was an inescapable take-away from a session on October 5th at the SCCE’s annual Compliance … Read more