Powering the Pandemic Pivot, Episode 3: Preparing to Reopen

Here is the third installment in our summer webinar series, “Powering the Pandemic Pivot,” webinar series, featuring Jason Meyer and the Entrepreneur’s Advisory Team. Keep checking our blog to see every new episode and register for upcoming webinars here

As cases plateau and even dip in some parts of the country, especially in the Princeton area, state governments are lifting restrictions on business. But that doesn’t mean the coronavirus pandemic is behind us. Cases are still present across the country, and challenges, regulations, and threats abound for small businesses.

In this installment of our Powering the Pandemic Pivot webinar, recorded on June 3, 2020, we discuss “Preparing to Reopen” and the risks and rules associated with that. Jason Meyer, along with the rest of the Entrepreneur’s Advisory Team answer questions such as:

  • How do I get the maximum forgiveness on a PPP loan?
  • What does returning to work look like for employees and employers?
  • Can my NJ businesses be open? Under what protocols? (And what if I don’t do that?

Watch it all right here:

As always, the Entrepreneur’s Advisory Team brings together three experts in Central New Jersey business. Alisa McCabe of First Steps Financial is an expert on cash flow, budgeting, and bookkeeping. Hamilton Law Firm P.C.’s Ayesha Hamilton is an authority on employment law. And of course our very own Jason Meyer has decades of experience in small business law, and brings it all to bear to advise you through this turbulent summer.

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